Saturday, May 16, 2015

Family & Friends: Crafty Jaxon

Ok, so this post combines a bit of family and craftiness.  Last weekend Jaxon decided he wanted to buy a gift for a "special" friend.  I suggested that it might be nicer if he made something, rather than buying something.  He was a little disappointed at first, but when I suggested that he knit a hat, he was up for it.

Jaxon participated in an after school knitting club in 4th grade and still remembers the skills he learned.  Yay, I love when males take on traditionally female crafts.

Jaxon's friend apparently likes blue, so he added a blue pom-pom to the top to bring in that color.  It turned out cute and apparently was a hit with his friend. It's fun to see the craftiness come out in my kids.  

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Sharli Schaitberger said...

Personally, I love it when anyone makes something handmade! Great gift!!