Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All a-twitter

OK, now I've gone and done it. I've added another time waster to my ever growing répertoire. I've become a member of Twitter as of yesterday morning.

Are my thoughts so important that I need to keep the world constantly updated? I mean this blog is probably bad enough, but now any time I have a thought I can just blurt it out to the universe (so to speak).

I'm even following celebrities on Twitter. I mean I actually sent a tweet to Demi Moore this morning at the suggestion of her husband Ashton Kutcher! Who am I??

I'm sure it will be fun to keep up with my close (not in Hollywood) friends, but I guess I'm still questioning whether I should be doing this. I'm already one of the biggest procrastinators I know and I don't think this will help.

Oh well, just had to get that off my chest. Twitter me!! :o)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A little fun before the show

I got to be back stage last night at Oliver before the show and watch the kids warm up. My battery was low in my camera, so I didn't get to record very much, but I did get a couple of clips I thought I'd share. The drama teacher at Forest Grove (Bonnie McCabe) is such a great lady and the kids have so much fun! This was some of their dancing before they started the voice warm ups. Enjoy!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Mateo!

March 6th, 2000. Our fist born makes his entrance...

Mateo's froggy legs.

About a month old, just hanging out in his chair.

Such a happy baby.

He has always been such a natural posing for photos.

Back in his chair again at age 1.

Believe it or not, we still have this chair. Hmmm, I see a photo op in the near future.

Mateo had his final dress rehersal last night for Oliver (which opens tonight), so the only photos I got of him last night on his last day of being 8 were in full costume. Here's the performer...

Attempting to pick Fagin's pocket...

Mateo getting his pocket picked by Nancy...

What a cute orphan!

Great job last night Mateo! We hope you have a fantastic birthday today! We love you so much and can't wait for everyone to see you on Opening Night at Oliver tonight!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Jax!!

March 5th, 2003...

Isn't he just a little bug?

Mateo holding Jax at a week old.

This was fun to find last night. We don't have a video camera, so I have a few random video clips from my digital camera here and there. In this video Jaxon was around 4 1/2 months old. Jax was still sleeping in our bedroom in his bassinet. (I just realized that Jaxon still sleeps with that blanket that's in the bassinet - funny!)

So last night, right before Jax went to bed, Chico asked him if he could take a picture of him on his last day of being 5 since he's going to look so different today, now that he'll be 6! Here's our "baby"...

Happy Birthday Jax!! We hope you have a wonderful, fun day!! We love you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Mateo's about to be a part of the Forest Grove High School Spring Musical "Oliver"!

Opening night is this Friday, March 6th at 7:30pm in the High School Auditorium! This also happens to be Mateo's 9th Birthday! This will be a different way to celebrate. :o)

Mateo was one of 7 elementary school aged children picked to be part of the group of Orphans in the play. The little kids have no lines, but they do sing and dance several numbers.

I've watched some of the rehearsal and have to say the actors/singers are quite talented. I can't wait to watch the complete show!

For anyone interested these are the show times & dates:

Friday, March 6th @ 7:30 pm - Opening Night
Saturday, March 7th @ 7:30 pm
Sunday, March 8th @ 2:00 pm (the only matinee performance)
Thursday, March 12th @ 7:30 pm
Friday, March 13th @ 7:30 pm
Saturday, March 14th @ 7:30 pm - Final Performance

Tickets are on sale at the High School now or you can purchase them at the door.
$6 each Students & Seniors
$8 each Adults

I'll try to take photos during the dress rehearsal to post on here. I don't believe we're supposed to have flash photography during the actual performances, so hopefully I'll get at least a couple good shots!

Hope to see you there!