Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend's over

No photos this post, just wanted to say that we survived the weekend! We got through another Fri/Sat garage sale. Our second in a month's time. I can say that I don't see any garage sales in my near future! They are so much work!!

I need to upload the photos from my camera to show it, but we had so much stuff. I wish I would have taken photos of the last one too. There was very little traffic this time around. I'm not sure if it was because at the last one school was still in session and people were still in town. Perhaps it was because people were saying there were TONS of garage sales everywhere and people just didn't make it all they way to our side of town?

We only did about 1/3 the sales we did at the first one too. It wasn't a bad amount, but the last one we made more than I've ever made at a garage sale. This time there were lots more people asking less for items than last time. The good thing is we got rid of some bulky items that just take up too much space and Chico made a run to Goodwill right after and took a whole Excursion full of stuff, so that feels good to not bring it back into the house.

Then yesterday I was perusing craigslist (love craigslist lately) and I found a twin bed from Ikea that I had purchased for Mateo when he was about 3. I've always wanted a matching bed for Jaxon since they share a room, but it was discontinued a long time ago. Well, much to my surprise I saw the bed on craigslist yesterday morning, called the lady and we took a quick (ha ha) trip up to the boonies of Battleground WA (about an hour & 20 minutes from our house). I'm so excited! I'll take a photo once I get it in the room.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. I need to get ready for work and get the boys ready for Boys & Girls club. Week #2 for them, hopefully they're having fun. Have a great day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Baseball at Alpenrose Dairy

Last Sunday (6/13) was Forest Grove Little League Day at Alpenrose Dairy. I think I've only been to Alpenrose once a long time ago, so the boys had never been up there.

It was pretty cool getting to play on the field where they host the Little League Softball World Series. We were the first game of the day so we had plenty of time to practice and they let us come out onto the field and take some photos of the team next to the scoreboard. Having a scoreboard was something new and fun too!

We took Mateo's friend and team mate Derek with us too. Here's some pre-game photos...


Derek won the choice of whether we were Home or Away. He chose Home.

Getting ready to cite the Little League Pledge.

"Play Ball!"

Actually had a dugout to use.

Mateo at bat.

Running in to 3rd.

Big fans - Chico and Granny.

Brother Jax is not such a fan. He's off picking flowers he's not supposed to be picking and squishing bugs.

Game over. Derek made a great last play and Coach Chuck gave him the Game Ball.

Traditional "good game, good game, good game... etc."

Followed by traditional lap around the bases. Derek's not letting go of that game ball.

6 innings - we won 8 to 5. Woo hoo!

Then off to Burgerville for some lunch. I think the boys had a great day.

Thanks for bearing with me through all these photos.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! *updated*

Wishing all the Dads out there a Happy Father's Day today!

We've had a pretty uneventful day so far. I suggested to Chico that we could go somewhere or I could go pick up a treat for him, but he didn't seem too enthused. Oh well.

The boys were excited to give him his gifts this morning and hopefully Chico was a little happier than he looks. :)

The boys wanted to get him some magazines they saw him looking at at Barnes & Noble the other night and I got him a bicycle helmet for the Bridge Pedal ride that Chico and the boys are going to do in August.

*UPDATE* We ended up going to one of Chico's favorite places for lunch "Chipotle". It was tasty, but I swear their burritos weigh 5 lbs! Then Chico suggested going to the zoo for a bit. Since I didn't know that was in the plan I didn't bring a camera. It was nice. They're doing a lot of construction, so it should be fun to see it later this year when the bring back a Lion to the zoo. We haven't had one for a while. Then we went to Granny's for dinner. We got to see Uncle Phillip, Aunt Lena, Uncle Lee, Joe, Melinda and Granny, of course. That was another tasty meal. I'm stuffed!!! Tomorrow the boys start their 6 week summer camp at the Boys & Girls club. We've never done that before, so we'll see how it goes.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My favorite Blog

I can't believe I sat down at my computer about an hour and a half ago to check my email and here I am, still sitting at my computer. I haven't been checking my email at all, I decided instead to look at some of my favorite blog links I have here on my sidebar.

I realized that it had been almost a month since I'd been on "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman". A month!! That's crazy. She writes something almost every day. How could I go that long without looking at her site?

She really is my favorite blog to read. If I were stranded somewhere and had the choice of only one site on the computer I'd pick her site. (I know, being stranded and having access to a computer doesn't actually make sense, but you know what I mean.) I either laugh out loud or get teary eyed every time I read her entries.

Her name is Ree and she just cracks me up! She's a city girl that met her husband (Marlboro Man) and moved with him to his family ranch in the mid west several years ago. She's one year older than me, so I can very much relate to her references to junior high or high school, the 80's fashion & hair disasters, etc... She has 4 children, two girls and two boys (she affectionately refers to them as her "punks"). She home schools. She posts great step by step recipes. She's remodeled this lodge on their ranch for friends and family to come and stay (I would live there, it's wonderful.) She gardens. I don't understand how she can do it all! And to top it off, she's a fabulous, self taught photographer. I just love the Pioneer Woman!!

If you've never checked her out, I hope you will. I haven't gone all the way back to the beginning posts on her blog, but I've gone back quite a ways. I don't think you have to go back to enjoy her, it will just take a little while to get to know all the characters in her life.

Well, now that it's almost midnight, I'd better get off of here and get to bed. Work always comes a little too early for me, the night owl. Good night!