Sunday, November 2, 2008

A couple more Halloween related items

I still have a few more October items to post about, so they'll just have to spill over into a couple November posts.

Earlier in the month of October, Mateo's teacher sent them home with a little tiny pumpkin to decorate. It was a class contest. I think Mateo said there were 3 winners and he was one of them. He really wanted to do a Frankenstein pumpkin, so this is the end result.

He even made a little graveyard on a paper plate to set his pumpkin on. I thought that was pretty clever.

And this was the prize he received.

Two more little pumpkins and a carving kit. I thought that was pretty nice of his teacher to give those as a prize.

And on to the big pumpkins that we got at the Pumpkin Patch. I still need to post photos from that trip. Boy am I behind or what?

Anyway, Chico took the boys out in the back yard one evening to carve their pumpkins. It was getting a little dark before I rememberd that I should be taking a photo. My camera doesn't do too well at dusk, so here they were.

Note that they were using the pumpkin carving kit from above for their creations. Oh, and don't think I can't see the envy in your eyes after getting a glimpse of our beautifully landscaped yard!!

Here are the finished products on Halloween night (after a little bit of help from Chico).


Jod said...

great Jack 'o Lanterns!

And I LOVE the Frankenstien one!

Linda said...

Wow! They really go at it. :) Cute pics. I never thought about doing it in the yard!