Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday - Halloween Style

Happy Halloween everyone!!

These are our friends Biznaz and Biz (aka the Biznii). I think the year would have been about 1997? The Biznii had a halloween party and it was supposed to be a "Wig" party, but they obviously took it a step further than altering their look with just a wig.

I can't find the other photos from that night, but I had a fushia bobbed wig on. Chico was wearing a rasta hat with dredlocks (actually the one my Grandpa is wearing in a photo a few posts earlier). I'll have to search for those photos (my photos from "pre-digital" days are all over the place and not in albums).

Anyhoo, I've had this photo on our fridge since that roll of film was developed. I just think it's cute. Plus, I miss the Biznii since they abandoned us and moved to Palo Alto about 10 years ago. They said they'd be back in about 5 years. Yeah, they're ruiners and they know it!!

Well, happy Trick-or-Treating tonight. Hopefully the rain here will stop for a bit so the kids don't get too wet!

Vandehay out!

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