Sunday, October 5, 2008


Halloween's just around the corner and my friend Alicia made this cute little ceramic "Boo" wall hanging for me. This was her first time making a Halloween saying. Alicia normally makes wall hangings with inspirational sayings and some fall and Christmas holiday sayings as well. You can check out her other creations on her etsy store here. I have to say that the photos don't do them justice. They're very cute!!

OK, so the "Boo" wall hangings aren't spooky, but this is (to me at least)! On Thursday Chico called me at work to let me know he was on his way home. He said he picked up a hitchhiker in Portland. I know he wouldn't pick up a stranger, so I thought maybe his Uncle Phillip (who drives truck for the USPS) was in town and maybe he was bringing him to Hillsboro for dinner at Rose's (Chico's mom's house).

I said "Oh, is your Uncle here?". Chico said no and that her name was Charlotte. OK, I'm listening... Chico said a spider had taken up residence on the passenger side of his work van and she created a fairly large web the night before. Of course I was grossed out, but Chico seemed to be amused with this. He continued to drive around with Charlotte for the next two days.

So, yesterday he asked the boys if they wanted to see Charlotte. Of course they did, so he took them out to the van to meet her. They wanted me to come, so I went out to get a glimpse of Chico's new friend. OK, I am not a spider fan and she really grossed me out. I can appreciate that in the spider world she's a "pretty" specimen, but still... YUCK!! Chico took Charlotte out of the van and put her on the fence that runs along our driveway.

After that, Chico and the boys took off to go buy some worms (another story for another time). I thought OK, I'll take a picture of Charlotte so I can share her with those that can't be here to meet her (lucky you). I watched her as she crawled along the entire fence along our driveway, up the railing to our front porch and onto the side of our outside entrance wall of our house. Charlotte would freeze each time I started to take her picture. I just kept thinking "Don't jump on me. I've seen Arachnophobia!!"

After I got a few satisfactory photos I went in the house and assessed the door jam situation. "Please don't let there be a gap big enough for Charlotte to get inside my house!". I can respect Chico's willingness to let the spiders be, but only to an extent. I'm afraid there's no vacancy for Charlotte in my house!

OK, have I aroused your curiosity?? Here are a couple photos of Chico's friend Charlotte...

Isn't she lovely? You can click on the photos and they'll come up even larger and show her hairy body in more detail. Again, YUCK!! I just went and checked and she's still up under the eaves on our front porch. I hope she doesn't stay too long (sorry Chico).


Tari said...

Ok, I'm sorry....I'm not a fan of spiders. I have a really big shoe I could bring over if you want to smash her!!! I know, that's so mean....what's wrong with me???? She's uh, beautiful in a spidery way! I'm sure I will have nightmares about her tonight!!!!

Linda said...

That's just gross! I would give her a good squirt with Ortho-Max!!

Love the "Boo" tile that Alicia made. She is such a "Crafty Lady". :)

C said...

Yuck! I would not be able to go out the door that that thing is living near. She would have to meet my garden hose. :)