Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to School

Well the kids have been back to school for a week now and sounds like they're both loving it!! Mateo started 3rd Grade last Wednesday. He's excited to have a man for a teacher this year. He's never had a male teacher before. I get to meet Mr. Frame tonight at Curriculum Night.

Here's Mateo before going the bus stop on his first day. He looks so grown up in the indoor photo!

Wednesday was a drop-in day for Kindergarteners, so we went to the school and dropped off all of Jaxon's supplies and met his teacher Mrs. Wolfington. She was also Mateo's Kinder teacher. She's great!!

Thursday was Jaxon's official first day of Kindergarten, so I had to do a mini photo shoot as we waited for the bus. How cute! I can't believe it's been 3 years ago that I was taking pictures of Mateo going to Kindergarten!

Jaxon gets on a different bus than Mateo for Kindergarten, but they do ride the same bus home together. That's been fun seeing them get off the bus together. At their school if a Kinder has a sibling on the bus they have to sit together. I'd love to hear what they talk about on the way home. Here are a couple more photos after school on Jaxon's first day & Mateo's second.

OK, just as Mateo's face reads... "Enough already"!


Heidi said...

What is the first name of Mr. Frame...Duane? If it is, then I lived across the street from him from birth to 4 years old. His sister, Debbie, was my best buddy as a kid.

Kandi said...

Yes, It is Duane. Which Heidi is this? I can say "hi" to him for you if you'd like. :)