Monday, September 8, 2008


On our honeymoon in Hawaii Chico and I had these little necklaces made with our Hawaiian names on them. I've always wondered if they truely said our names or maybe they said something like "dumb tourist".

Anyhoo, I found this website one day that will tell you what your Hawaiian name is. It's kind of cool. My name in Hawaiian is KANAKI (just as my necklace said).

Here are the names of the rest of my family:

KIKO = Chico (just like his necklace said, too)
MAKEO = Mateo
IAKONU = Jaxon
KINIPELA = Jennifer (our 14 year old Cocapoo)
LUKE = Lucy (our 9 year old English Setter)
and last but not least
KONI = Toni (our 3 year old Guinnea Pig)

If you want to find out what your Hawaiian name is go here.


young family said...

That is so funny, I alway wonder stuff like that too (the necklace saying what they say it says). I will have to go check it out.

I love the state fair pics, we have never gone, we should try it sometime.

Linda said...

Cool! I checked ours out. I'm too lazy to post them though. :)
Thanks for sharing the link.

Sparkle said...

Wow...I'm impressed, they actually had my name! :) I can be normal for once, lol.