Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time goes by so fast!

I ran accross this photo today and can't believe it's been just shy of 5 years ago this was taken! The boys were both so little!!

Taken 3/11/03. Mateo was 3 yrs and 5 days old. Jaxon was 6 days old!!

Here's one of Jaxon's hand in mine. All togther now, awe...


mandbrid said...

Hi Kandi...Noticed your comments on my blog...nice to hear from you! Your boys look so sweet! As for ebay...ever since I got pregnant I've had such bad morning sickness and I've been so tired that I can't MAKE myself scrapbook. And I'm sure once these new babies arrive I won't have time for awhile...So, sadly ebay is on the back burner for now. Who knows though...maybe in the next month or so I'll get the bug again! Anyway...I'll stop by your blog occasionally and see what you are up to...Take care!

Forever Young said...

You have the cutest boys!! AWE is right. It is always nice to look back at those baby pictures, when you know they will sleep through the night and things like that :)

Very cute.