Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So much for my craft room...

Well, as the title says "so much for my craft room". Ever since the first winter in this house we've had a water leak in one of the bedrooms downstairs. We first noticed it when the room was still Jaxon's nursury (he's almost 5 now!!!).

Anyhoo... after having the builder's crew out here each winter, it was time for round 4 this morning. They came to try to investigate the leak once again. Last time they did find the source of one of the leaks which ended up being the window, which they replaced. The other problem area has been in the celing.

I have been trying to create a little craft space for myself among all of the insulation and missing sheetrock. I was doing pretty well, until they called last night and said they were going to come by this morning. Now my stuff's all crammed into one side of the room and the spare bed that was in the room is now thrown out into the family room. I thought all the kids' toys looked bad! I'm sure they don't even notice. They're not usually bothered by clutter. :)

So, here's a couple photos of the room. One that shows the window wall and the hole in the ceiling, one that shows my stuff pushed to one side of the room and one of the boys at home in all the clutter in the family room.

Oh.. in case you're wondering what they concluded today... they figured out that the large window above our master bath soaker tub (upstairs from this room) seems to be the source of the leak. They trimmed out the 4 exterior windows on that side of the house (all 4 just to be safe) and put flashing above them. We're crossing our fingers that this will solve the problem. Now we sit and wait until the next big rainfall... Wish us luck!!

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Forever Young said...

That stinks, you get all set up and have to shove it all out of the way. I hope the flashing works. We had to do that to one of our window too, it seems to be the fix we needed, so there is hope.