Monday, January 18, 2010

Elephants and Accidents

So I made another little Baby Blanket / Stuffed Elephant gift set for a friend of mine last week. Her boss is due with a little girl very soon. Apparently her nursery colors are pink and brown, so how fitting is this?

Love this little guy!

I like the contrasting zig-zag decorative stitch on the blanket.

I just love Minky fabric! It's one of my favorite fabrics to buy, but unfortunately it's a little spendy, so I can't hoard as much of it as I'd like to. You may remember I made a couple of these for our Crafty Ladies sale this fall, but I'd never used this particular color combo before. I love it and I think I should have one of my own, at least the blanket in adult size. Being the only girl in the house, I just don't get to have my pink fix fulfilled!

Well, I have orders for 3 more boy sets (revised: as of last night, 4 more boy sets - woo hoo!), so I guess I'd better get off of this computer and get busy sewing!! Maybe one of these days I'll even get some into my sad little Etsy shop, lol.

*** Oh P.S., I forgot about this little tidbit. While I was down in my craft room sewing this set on Thursday night, Chico came down and said there had been a little accident upstairs. What? He said the Christmas tree fell over! Yes, it's the middle of January and we still have all of our Christmas decorations up! I don't think we've ever had our stuff up this late into the new year. So while downloading some photos off the camera, I found these pictures. Chico must have known I'd want to see the aftermath, lol.

Amazingly no ornaments were hurt in the accident. Maybe this was the universe's way of saying Christmas is over. Or maybe it was foul play? I WAS downstairs at the time, perhaps this was staged by Chico to get me to finally put away all of the Christmas decor? Notice the the tree missed the TV on the wall? Very


Lora said...

LOL to funny, I think I agree it was staged....and if it didn't make alot of noise so you would hear it then definitely suspicious ;)

I love the fabric too...where to you shop for fabric? I keep wondering if I should try to sell some aprons...I only "need" so many :) What do you think? So cool that you sold 4 sets they are way darling!

Sparkle said...

I really need to learn how to sew. Your set is just adorable! And I'm still laughing about your tree...

Cheryl said...

Hmmm, that IS suspicious...and funny. (at least he took photo's for you to post)

I'm with Sparkle, I NEED to learn how to sew. That elephant and blanket is super adorable. I love pink and brown together.

Thanks for finding me/my blog and leaving a led me here to say hello. Your blog is lovely.


Linda - Posh Paisley said...

Malia thinks it's funny!

I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time.........but thanks for sharing with us all. :)