Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

I guess I'd better get the rest of the Christmas photos on here since it's now officially the new year. This year we spent a quiet day at home on Christmas day.

Chico had been out of town for about a week, got home on the evening of the 23rd and was leaving early in the morning again on the 27th, so it was nice to have some family time together for a couple of days. Granny Rose came over first thing in the morning to watch the boys open their presents. They're always so good about waiting until all of us grown-ups are ready to go.

I always make the boys stand in front of the Christmas tree before any presents are unwrapped. They're good about giving me nice smiles too. Thank you boys!

Here's the tree with all the gifts under it. (I just realized that I never turned on the tree lights that whole day. What was I thinking?).

Here are my lovely boys Christmas morning.

Mateo's favorite gift this year - his new Nintendo DSi.

And Jaxon got Legos.

And more legos - good grief!

Mateo got legos too, but I didn't get a photo of him with his. We also got the boys a new Nerf tag set. Do you think Jaxon was excited?

Here's Chico opening the Blue Ray that Granny got for us. That was perfect timing because our DVD player had just died.

Chico also got a new hat and hot rod shirt. He's thrilled, can't you see it in his face? lol

Here's Granny with some gifts too.

Well, I wasn't in any photos, but I was there too. Chico got me a great little "Flip" video camera, so now I can post little clips of the family on here too.

Well, the rest of the afternoon was spent playing the Wii, the DS and watching bits of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story on tv (an annual tradition).

Here's Jax down in the basement playing his new Star Wars Wii game.

In the evening we went over and spent a little time with our friends, the Dillavous. We had a nice time chatting, eating cookies and watching the kids play with their new kittens and open gifts. It was a great day!

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Sparkle said...

Wow, thats alot of legos, lol. Looks like a great Christmas! One of these time when I come home and life isn't crazy, we should meet up.