Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laugh Layout

I don't think I shared this layout I did about a month ago. It's one of my favorites so far. I have such great memories of this day at Riverside Park in LaGrande. The boys and I were visiting for a couple days and Grandma & Grandpa Slim had suggested that we take the boys and they had a blast! This was a park that I played at when I was younger and would visit them. I have to say that they've done a HUGE remodel of the play area and it's FANTASTIC now!!

This was about 3 years ago. Unfortunately I didn't get very good photos of Grandma with the boys on this day, but the one with my Grandpa has always been my favorite of him with them. I couldn't get the best lighting when trying to photograph the layout, but here it is anyway.

I love to add embellishments that add texture to the page. Some closeups...

All the products used were Close to My Heart items. I made a personal goal with my CTMH Unit that I wanted to do 8 pages per month. So far, I've not done it. I have one single page done since completing this one. I thought maybe if I write it on here I might feel even more accountable to work towards my goal. Time will tell...

I was just thinking that I made that comment about how fantastic the park is now, but the photos in the layout don't show any of that. Here are a couple of photos to show the play area.

Isn't it fantastic? I wish we had something like that near our house. You can click on each photo to see it better (click on the 2nd photo and see if you can spot Jaxon). Thanks for looking!


Linda said...

Oh I would love a park like that near us!! I've never seen one so elaborate. Love your layout too.

young family said...

I found him!!
That park does look fun, it would be nice to have really fun park close by.
Cute pictures and layout. I was at michaels the other day and they have these cute frames for scrapbook pages, since some of them are such huge works of art they should be hung on the wall to see.

Did you want us to bug you about doing your pages ;) Thats how I get stuff done, I tell people to bug me about stuff :) Let me know.