Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bath time shenanigans

I love that word "shenanigans". I don't use it often enough. Anyway, I ran across these photos this weekend and remembered that I had never posted them.

My dear friend Alicia gave the boys some bath time stuff one Christmas and one of the items were those crayons you can use in the tub. The boys had used them in the past and drew some little pictures on the tub, but it had been awhile since they'd had them in there. They asked me a couple months ago if they could get those crayons out and I thought "what the heck?", "sure".

So they go about their business and soon I hear lots of laughing coming from our master bathroom. This is what I see...

So, I told them they needed to wash themselves off and I went back in to check on them after a while and now their bodies are colored. Jaxon's chest is colored solid half purple and half green. I don't remember what Mateo's had on it. I didn't take photos this time. But needless to say, after this bath, they needed a bath.


Linda said...

Funny! they look like "Grumpy Old Men". :)

young family said...

Those pictures are priceless!! Too funny, Love the poses and the make-up ;)

So my question, did it come off after the second bath? I hope so ;)