Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wii had a good visit in LaGrande

Last Thursday I rode along with my Dad to visit my grandparents in LaGrande. I worked a whole 2 hours before meeting up with Dad and leaving. Needless to say I was exhausted! :)

We arrived in LaGrande around 6pm and Grandpa & Grandma had just finished their dinner. So Dad and I made the first of several trips to Denny's for a meal. There aren't a lot of eating choices in LaGrande! After dinner we went back to their house and watched a couple episodes of Murder She Wrote. It's pretty much Angela Lansbury, Andy Griffith or Westerns at the Evensen household. Sometimes Grandpa gets a hold of the remote and you get some Price is Right or Bull Riding (shows that don't require you to really hear what's being said).

Friday I hung out with the Grandparents while Dad made a trip to Hermiston to buy some more old motors to add to his swap meet inventory. While Dad was gone my Cousin Greg and his family came by on their way thru town. They live in Boring, OR (pretty fitting name I must say), but they were headed to a wedding in Boise, ID. I haven't seen Greg and his family for at least 4 years. His kids are so big!! They've got Scandinavian blood on both sides. Our family is Norwegian and his wife Edda is from Iceland.

Here's a couple photos of their family as they were about to leave. From Left to Right - Sidney (I believe she's 13 and she said she's about 5'11"), Edda (mom), Stuart (he's 10, don't know how tall, but his mom says he'll probably be taller than his older brother from the history of their height measurements at the same ages), Greg (dad) and Spencer (age 16 and about 6'4" so far). They're certainly a beautiful family!!

Once Dad came back we went to Denny's (trip #2) for dinner, this time with Grandma & Grandpa. Grandma said she wasn't really hungry so she ordered a piece of Cheesecake for dinner!! I tried to tell her she needs to eat something a little better for her, but she didn't listen (just like a kid). After dinner we took the grandparents back home and got to see my Aunt Maria (she's one year older than me, so that just sounds weird) and her daughter Jamie.

We watched some AFV and just a bit of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Unfortunately we missed most of the cool stuff, but did see the 2,008 Chinese drummers - AMAZING!!! I wish I could have watched the rest! Dad and I went to visit Uncle Gil E for a bit, too. He showed us some of his new toys, some more model airplanes. He got a cute little one that's made for flying indoors!

By the time we got back home, my Aunt Linda was there. It was great to see her. I haven't seen her since we were in LaGrande last November (for Grandpa's 90th birthday). That probably doesn't sound unusual, but Linda lives in North Plains (about 10 minutes from my house), but we only seem to see each other in LaGrande (almost 300 miles from my house). Crazy!!

Linda and I tried to finish watching the Opening Ceremonies. I made it all the way, but Linda fell asleep right before the lighting of the torch. Too bad, it was pretty cool.

On Saturday Dad and Linda went out and did some yard work, while I kept Grandpa & Grandma company and watched some more t.v. What was on the boob tube today you ask? Well, how about Bonanza, Maverick and some movie/series with John Larroquette (from Night Court) as a lawyer (and a much more decent lawyer than his character "Dan" on the aforementioned 80's comedy).

After the majority of the yard work was done my Uncle Richard and Aunt Lynn came by to visit (good timing). Linda had rode up with them Friday night, but they stayed at a hotel because there wasn't much room left at Chez Evensen. Well, having enough of the old TV shows, I decided to introduce the Wii to anyone interested. Richard and Lynn really enjoyed it! I think Lynn's favorite was the bowling and Richard was partial to Cow Racing. Lynn and I tried out all the other sports and I was sore for the next two days. How sad is that!! We even got Grandpa to bowl about 3 games. Once he figured out the remote, he did pretty good.

Here we are bowling...
Look at the form!

Look at the concentration!

Are you getting this on film?

Can you tell they're related?

All tired out from so much "physical" activity we decided to go to lunch. Guess where??? You betcha, Denny's for the 3rd time in two days!! We had a good lunch and went back to the house to pack up. Dad and I were leaving Saturday afternoon. I did my normal photo ops with everyone before leaving. Unfortunately I didn't get Uncle Gil E or Maria & Jamie the previous day. I'll have to be better at taking photos before the day we leave.

Kandi & Grandpa

& Uncle Richard

& Grandma

& Aunt Linda

& last but not least, Aunt Lynn!

Whew, that was exhausting!!!


young family said...

Don't ya just love all the wii games ;) I love the photo of you and your Grandma, she looks a little shell shocked :) Very fun, and I totally see the family resemblance :)

Tracy said...

Oh, we LOOOVE our Wii and we have traveled with it!

Amy and Chris and supporting cast said...

WARNING BLOG STALKER HERE! I was checking out (stalking) Tari's links and when I pulled your's up and say the awesome LaGrande references I started to pick up the phone to call my hubby and see if he knows you. I got sucked in and read further and realized that you're a GLENCOE kid. Me too! But you're a year older and much cooler and totally remember your amazing hair! Fun blog, thanks for sharing. I have some Friday Flashbacks on mine somewhere, if you want to attempt to recognize the shy younger girl :)