Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mystery Solved!

Last Friday morning I was sitting in the living room, still in my pajamas when I heard a knock at the door. It was around 9 am. I figured it was one of the neighbor kids, so I waited for one of the boys to run upstairs and answer it.

A minute later the person at the door rang the door bell and the boys still didn't come running (they usually come running to see if it's one of their friends). So, I slowly got up hoping whoever it was might have given up, so I didn't have to open the door in my pj's and bedhead.

When I got to the door, I opened it and no one was there. I stepped out a couple feet onto the porch and looked towards the driveway, but didn't see anyone. Oh well, back to whatever show I was watching.

A little bit later, I was making breakfast for the kids and called them upstairs. When they came up they said "Frosty the Snowman" is at the door. I just kind of laughed and said whatever. They said "No really, Frosty's at the door" and they wanted me to come see. A couple minutes later I went towards the door. We have one of those long windows, about a foot wide that runs the length of our front door. Well, Through the window I see a plastic snow man about 3 feet tall sitting there!

I went outside and looked around, couldn't see anyone. Now was some neighbor playing a joke on us? Why is there a snowman on our front porch? My parents have one that they display at Christmas time that's really old (used to be my great aunt's) and I like it. It reminds me of when I was young. This one's not quite as old and charming, but it's alright.

I called my Dad's cell phone thinking maybe he found it for me at one of his Friday garage sales. He wasn't answering, so I called my friend Alicia, who also sometimes garages sales on Fridays and she's always got a list of things her friends like and/or are looking for in her head. She had had some people over at her house for a breakfast, so it wasn't her. Hmmmm?

I'm thinking this is so strange because when the knock and door bell ring happened earlier, I did go out and look and didn't see anyone. I mean it was probably only a minute after the door bell that I was out there. I called Chico to see if maybe he knew anything about it, but no, still a mystery.

As the day went on, each time we went outside I kept thinking is some neighbor watching us and laughing at this practical joke. We have great neighbors and this would just be something done in fun. There's a little ceramic rabbit that made it's rounds around the neighborhood and finally landed permanently at one neighbor's doorstep. They put it in their flower bed and thought whoever's missing it could just come and grab it when they discover it. Well, it's been there for a couple years now, so I think it's found a permanent home.

Finally that evening the mystery was solved. My dad finally returned my call and said he had picked it up at a garage sale not far from our house. He said he had knocked and rang the doorbell, but no one answered. Now, how did I miss him being in my driveway getting the snow man out of his car?!?! His car's white and small like one of ours that was parked in the driveway. I guess I just glanced up and saw the white and didn't focus on the fact that there would have been two white cars there!

So, here it is a week later and Frosty is still on our porch (I know). I have to find somewhere to store it, and I don't have a flower bed to put him in, so I'll just tell the neighbors that I'm going to start decorating for Christmas a little each week, so I'll be done by December. I'm sure they'll like that. :)

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