Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally... some photos!

Well, the boys have been on the road since July 16th and we've finally received some photos this morning showing some of the things they've been up to.

They started their tour (Granny Tour 2008) in Nyssa, OR and Boise, ID. From there they traveled to Blackfoot, ID and went camping. They then traveled to Yellowstone and now they're headed back west. The latest news is they will be home sometime next week after visiting the Nyssa area once again. It will have been a whole month that they've been gone! Crazy!!

This photo is actually from the weekend before they left on their road trip. Granny took Mateo to Graceland. Granny & Mateo in front of the Graceland Gate.

Some photos from their camping trip. Jaxon caught a BIG fish :)

Mateo learned to shoot a rifle - yikes!!

And of course they enjoyed some roasted marshmallows, yum!

I'm not sure where they were for these photos, but this cracks me up!

Here they are at Yellowstone...

Aren't they cute! I'm excited to see them next week. They sound like they've had loads of fun while they've been gone and I'm anxious to see all the photos that I know Granny took!!

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