Sunday, June 14, 2015

Family & Friends: School's out for Summer!

Friday was the last day of school for the boys.  I made them let me take a "last day of the year" photo.  It was a little like pulling teeth, but I finally got one shot that was halfway decent.  (The sun was in Jaxon's eyes, so he wasn't too happy about it.)

You can see from the garage panels how much the boys have grown, probably about an inch (or more) for each of them.  Mateo's now taller than both Chico & I and I'm sure Jaxon will pass us in no time.

The boys have a week to hang out, then they start their six week summer program at CBAP.  Mateo will be a volunteer again this year and Jaxon will be a participant.  You have to be at least 14 to volunteer, so Jaxon has a couple years to go.  I'm excited to hear about all of the fun activities they get to do this year.  Here's to a great summer!

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