Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009 - Part Deux

So after it's crazy ride home, our Christmas tree made it into the house.

It actually sat bailed up for a couple of days because I wasn't quite ready for the monster to be unleashed. Once the furniture was moved around and space was made, I gave the go ahead to un-bail it. Chico had Jaxon and Mateo start unwinding the string.

Whoa, look out boys, it's falling!

Good catch Chico!

Well here she is. It's like the Griswald's tree in Christmas Vacation, lol.

Step one, getting those lights on, is my least favorite part. Finally got the star on and the garland, with much wobbling around on the 10 ft. rickety ladder. I'm not totally afraid of heights, but when I have nothing steady to hang onto I get a little fearful.

So here's the final product...

And a few more photos of the house.

And a couple of my favorite ornaments.

Mateo's first Christmas - 2000.

Jaxon's first Christmas - 2003.

Whew, so glad it's finally done!


Lora said...

I hope you leave it up for a long time after Christmas so all your work last for a long time. That tree is huge! Very pretty though.

I hope you guys have a fun Christmas!

Linda said...

Beautiful tree - and your house looks so spotless and festive! I'm jealous....ours is such a mess at the moment. Nice work!

Rebecca said...

Love the post. I miss the process of a big 'ol live Christmas Tree... your house does look great!