Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

This year Nona & Papa were going to be on their way to LaGrande on Christmas morning, so we celebrated Christmas Eve with them. We had Chinese food for dinner, since there were not many choices open by that time of the evening.

After we were all stuffed we headed over to Nona & Papa's house to exchange gifts. Here's the boys in front of their tree.

They had a little train set up under the tree, so we had to check that out.

OK, shall we open gifts?

A "Bind-it-all" for Kandi - yay!!

A Snuggie for Nona from the boys.

A duck hunt game for Papa from the boys.

Apparently Mateo was still full from the Chinese food.

Now to figure out this duck game. The duck flies around the room and you're supposed to shoot it down with 3 shots.

That duck's pretty crazy! Can you see it flying in the middle of the picture, near the lamp? It was kind of scarry, lol.

Now it's headed for the hallway. Look out Jaxon!

I think we figured out that you need higher ceilings if you're going to play it inside the house. So, we moved on to We Fish for the Wii, another gift for Papa from us. Mateo had to show us how it was done, then Papa got a turn.

We had a great time playing together! Thank you Nona & Papa for the wonderful evening and gifts!

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Marin said...

How was the Wii fish?? We got Wii Resort for christmas and all love it so far.