Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally... photos of my craft room!

OK, I've been promising photos for a while now and I finally took a few today. I had my first greeting card workshop downstairs in my "new" craft room and it worked out great!! I can seat 12 people comfortably and this afternoon I tested it with 10 fabulous ladies. I think it worked out very well and it was so nice to have all my "stuff" right there and not have to lug it upstairs to the dining room table.

So, without further ado....

Looking down the hallway into the room. (Lack of wall art at the moment - noted.)

The view once you get into the room.

Pretty cute huh? You can click on any of the photos to see a little better. I love how the light yellow color turned out. I already owned a lot of red items and some of the light colored wood furniture pieces, so I went with that color scheme. I got some great deals off of craigslist for some of my furniture pieces. Love Craigslist!!

If I had been able to design a room from scratch I would have had all white furniture and lots of pink in the room, but I like how this turned out too. Here are a few more photos. These were taken right before my workshop this afternoon, so that's why the tables are all set the way they are. I wanted to get a couple photos with my attendees in them, but I got too busy and forgot. :(

I had a little embossing station over there in the corner on top of my metal top table and Chico added the portable fridge too, so that came in handy for my guests today.

This wall houses all of my Close to My Heart Stamp sets. The wire baskets are hanging off of picture hooks, so I can just pull them down and dig through them as needed.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. I'll have to post more photos once I do a little more detail work (labeling, etc..). Do you want to come over and craft with me? Thanks for looking!


Linda said...

OMG-OMG! I am so jealous. I so wish I had something like that. How did your ladies like it? I bet it will make your workshops so much easier - set up and all.

Great job you guys!!
:) Linda

Sparkle said...

What a lovely room! I love your bins!

our big bus said...

So fun. I Love the room.

Karen Gerlach said...

OK - I seriously need you to come over and help me design my room. I clearly need to get the collections of stuff out of there and make it much more useable for groups instead of just me. I love it!

Marin said...

What a fabulous room! I work sooo many weekends, but would love to come out some time for one of your workshops.