Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School Time Again

Yesterday was back to school for Mateo & Jaxon. Mateo's a big 4th grader this year and Jaxon's a 1st grader (his first year of full day school). Of course I had to make them stand and pose for me several times. I'm sure they just love this each year, but I'm determined to do it even when they're in high school. I just love seeing them all cute in their new school clothes and newer haircuts!

We do photos in the house first.

And then outside...

I asked the boys to look over at me before they got on the school bus, but Jaxon must have forgotten in all the excitement, but surprisingly Mateo actually looked AND SMILED!!

Sadly this is the last year the boys will be at the same school until Mateo's a Senior in High School and Jaxon's a Freshman. The schools are set up a little strange in this town. Elementary schools are K-4th, Upper Elementary is 5th-6th, Middle School is 7th-8th, then High School 9th-12th. Since the boys are 3 years apart, they won't overlap again for many years.

We'll they boys had a great first day. Let's hope the rest of the school year goes just as well!


Linda said...

Great pictures! Love the bus one and the walking to the bus one. I didn't get a good getting off the bus picture. I may try again today. :)

I didn't realize your schools out there are so "wonky". Not like that in the big city (Beaverton). lol!

Lora said...

Cute pictures!!

Three years ago I had a child in each school, that was a weird year;)

I'm soooo glad school started and so are my kids, love the first part of the school year when everyone gets ready fast and happily leaves for school.

Marin said...

What cute kids and fun photos. I've got one of mine in first grade too. and she's not quite used to the long day yet.

Anonymous said...

Only the first day, you mean no hand signals yet this year. (: Cant help but love those boys.

Jaspere said...

Wow such precious memories here.