Monday, June 22, 2009

Baseball at Alpenrose Dairy

Last Sunday (6/13) was Forest Grove Little League Day at Alpenrose Dairy. I think I've only been to Alpenrose once a long time ago, so the boys had never been up there.

It was pretty cool getting to play on the field where they host the Little League Softball World Series. We were the first game of the day so we had plenty of time to practice and they let us come out onto the field and take some photos of the team next to the scoreboard. Having a scoreboard was something new and fun too!

We took Mateo's friend and team mate Derek with us too. Here's some pre-game photos...


Derek won the choice of whether we were Home or Away. He chose Home.

Getting ready to cite the Little League Pledge.

"Play Ball!"

Actually had a dugout to use.

Mateo at bat.

Running in to 3rd.

Big fans - Chico and Granny.

Brother Jax is not such a fan. He's off picking flowers he's not supposed to be picking and squishing bugs.

Game over. Derek made a great last play and Coach Chuck gave him the Game Ball.

Traditional "good game, good game, good game... etc."

Followed by traditional lap around the bases. Derek's not letting go of that game ball.

6 innings - we won 8 to 5. Woo hoo!

Then off to Burgerville for some lunch. I think the boys had a great day.

Thanks for bearing with me through all these photos.


Linda said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a fun day and nice weather. Got to love know I do. wink wink ;O)

Scrapdango Monthly Kit Club said...

Those are some great shots! You got cute kids!