Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hello.... is this thing on?

Is anyone still attempting to read this blog? I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted something on here! I'm sorry I've been so bad about that! I do have photos to post, but they're still sitting on my camera. So once I get those onto my computer I'll go back in time a bit on my posts.

As for this weekend, we have Forest Grove Little League photos today, so that will take up most of the morning. We also have to turn in our Cookie Dough fund raiser forms, which I only showed to my mom, so we didn't do very much to help out the league this time around. I just have a hard time telling too many people about that stuff right now with it being so tight for so many right now.

While I take the boys to the photo shoots, Chico will be off at the Free Paper Shredding event here in Forest Grove. We have boxes of shred stuff. Since Chico hasn't been working, he's been on a mission to go through all of our stuff and get rid of things. It's a good idea, but it's so much work and it really overwhelms me. We're going to have a garage sale here in a couple of weeks and hopefully our house will be in some sort of order after that. It looks awful at the moment.

One good thing that has come out of all this cleaning is that Chico has agreed that I can have the one (partially unfinished - no flooring yet) big room downstairs for my Craft Space - woo hoo!! He started painting it yesterday while I was at work. It's a yellow color. Hopefully it's the "right" color because I'll be living with it for awhile. Now to figure out how to store all my crap, oh I mean crafts, lol. I have a mish mash of storage solutions I've purchased over the years, so I'm trying to use most of them for now, but there's one bookcase that I really want from Ikea, so I need to save my $$ for that.

Well, I'd better run. I'm off to start my day. Have a great Saturday everyone. It looks like it's going to be pretty nice here. Toodles!


our big bus said...

I still read....I like to keep updated, since I don't do facebook.

Tari said...

Still here too!! Yay, glad to see you are back!!!

Linda said...

Hello............I'm here. Waiting for pics of your craft room. :)