Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Facebook, you're killin' me!!

Ever since my high school classmate Erik "forced" us to join Facebook.com in order to see his photos from our 20 year class reunion, I've wasted soooooo much more time than ever before on the internet! I didn't think that was possible, but yes, I've been checking to see who's new, if I have any friend requests, if any of my requests have been answered, any new photos.... it just doesn't end!!

The whole reunion experience was fun, weird, nerve racking... I was full of nerves on Friday and ended up not feeling well and leaving around 11pm. At the time I didn't think that was super early, but the next day learned that people had stayed until 2am. I missed 3 hours of activity!!!! Even though I attended both Saturday night and Sunday at the park as well, I think I've been obsessed with what I may have missed and people that I didn't get to talk to (either enough or at all). So joining Facebook has helped in the sense that I have been "chatting" with classmates that I knew back in the day and also those I didn't know so well.

It's funny to me that all these almost 40 year olds are all asking "will you be my friend" and sending each other virtual shoes, hugs, pokes, etc... The instant messaging is fun too! I think we're all a little "obsessed" right now and we're all spending way too much time doing this. I'm enjoying it, but I already have a problem with productivity and time management, so this hasn't helped. Oh well, maybe the newness will wear off and I can go back to my other timewasting activities of blog stalking, tv watching, crafting, etc. All of these are non-productive as well, so I guess what's the difference, right?

Here's a photo of Cindy & I entering the reunion on Friday.

And a photo of the crowd. There was no A/C in this room and I think that may have contributed to my lightheadedness (this was the 100 degree weekend!). It was fun though! I'm already excited about the 25 year reunion!

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