Friday, June 20, 2008

Our last day of sightseeing in Victoria

Well yesterday wasn't a good day for us. We were getting ready to go out and tour the city and next thing I knew I was on vomit cleanup duty. Yuck! Chico got really sick and spent the whole day in bed. Instead of going out the kids and I just hung out and played the Wii, Uno and they played some Legos. In the evening I took the boys to the pool. It wasn't very warm, but they really wanted to go. They've been to the pool almost every day since we've been here.

Some photos from yesterday...

Today was a much better day, but I'm exhausted!! Chico was feeling better today, so we did our thursday plans today. We took one of those double-decker busses on a tour around Victoria. We rode it for about an hour and got off at a large park here in the city so the boys could play for a bit. There was a petting zoo that was pretty fun and there were lots of ponds with ducks.

We walked back to the condo from the park. Then we decided to go check out the Fisherman's Warf that's right behind our building. My camera died, but I took this photo the other day. This is the view out our living room window. They had really great fish-n-chips down there! While we were waiting for our food we noticed these three seals that were hanging around waiting for people to feed them. They were very cute, but very overweight! I wish my camera would have been working!!

So, now we were stuffed, but I wanted to go downtown and buy a couple of souvenir shirts for the boys, so we took off walking. We got to the store pretty quickly, but then I had this idea that I wanted to go to a stamping store. So we set of walking and discovered that I had written down the directions incorrectly. After doubling back and then asking for directions we found that we were at least 9 blocks away. I really wanted to check out the store, so after walking for what felt like hours we arrived only to find out the store had closed a half hour before!!! The boys were not happy. I have to give them credit because we did walk a really long way. I was hoping to catch one of our double decker busses on the way back, but there were none in sight. So, we walked all the way back. We did take a couple more photos ops along the way.

I'm beat, but it was a great way to end our vacation. The boys went swimming one more time while I made dinner. Here's a shot of them from our balcony.

We're catching the ferry tomorrow morning back to Port Angeles. We don't have reservations, so we have to go park our car down there around 6:30 am to try to get a spot on the 10:30am ferry, otherwise the next one departs at 3:00 pm. Wish us luck!!


Forever Young said...

So did you make it home? :)

I am jealous of your trip!! It looks like so much fun. I really wanted to go there last year but I didn't realize the cost of the ferry would be so much :(

Looks really fun, and i am impressed that your boys walked that far with you, to bad the store was closed. I hate it when that happens.

Linda said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! We have never been up to Canada.....I think we'll have to go sometime.

Love your hair and cool sunglasses in the pictures. Tres Chic!