Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Greetings from Victoria B.C.

Hello from beautiful Victoria B.C.! We took the ferry from Port Angeles on Sunday afternoon. It was a very pretty day, so we had great views as we crossed over to Canada.

The ferry ride was about 1 1/2 hours long so we had some time to goof around with the camera. Of course we rarely get all 4 of us in a photo at the same time, so we do the typical arm outstretched to get myself and the boys in a photo. I let Mateo & Jaxon take a few photos as well. As you can see Chico was a little too "busy" to help.

Cindy & Tom (and MacKenzie & Flynn) happend to be up here visiting some of Tom's relatives so they joined in some activities for a couple days. We took the kids to Victoria's Bug Zoo. That was pretty fun for the kids (well, for the grownups, too). Most of us took the oportunity to hold a bug or two.

After Bug World we went back to the condo and the kids played while Cindy rocked out to Guitar Hero III on the Wii. I think she's hooked now!

Today we went and checked out the Royal Brittish Museum. We watched an IMAX movie and then spent a couple more hours looking at the exhibits. I tried to do a couple of photo ops after the museum, and they went fairly well considering the kids were itching to let off some energy.

Cindy and family have to leave tomorrow morning so we'll be on our own to explore Victoria a little more. We're here until Saturday, so you'll have to check back to see what else we were able to do while here.

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Forever Young said...

There is noooo way I would hold those bugs, YUCK!!! I am glad you did though so I can enjoy that experience through you :) I feel a little creeped out looking at some of those bugs :)