Monday, May 12, 2008

Yesterday was a good day

I had a really nice Mother's Day yesterday! Mateo woke me up so that he could give me his gift he made for me at school. He made a very nice card with a little poem inside and a ceramic bird's nest with a real egg inside. I had to break the egg open to find 6 little rolled up messages inside. Very cute!

Then when Jaxon woke up the boys gave me the projects that they had been working on all week with Chico... I got two new bird houses!! They were so proud!

I had to get a couple of things done in the morning, so the boys and Chico went out and got me my favorite Caramel Sauce Mocha from Starbucks and some great doughnuts from Jim's market in Banks - that's what I call breakfast!!

In the afternoon we went out to deliver gifts to Granny and Nona. Granny made a BBQ for lunch and there was tons to eat!! We gave Granny a pretty rose plant and the boys each gave her a plant that they picked out. After visiting with Granny & Uncle Lee and watching a movie we went to Nona & Papa's. The boys gave Nona a new puzzle and a hula hoop. That was fun gave watching Nona give it a whirl!! I made Nona a framed picture of the two of us at my wedding (back in 1997). I think she liked it.

I didn't tell the boys until tonight that my gift from Chico was "Mario Cart" for the Wii. Might sound funny, but I really like playing the Wii with them! Mateo and I are getting pretty good at Guitar Hero III.

Anyhoo, it was a very nice day and I hope all of you other Mothers had a wonderful day as well!!

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