Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Gallegos

There's Indiana Jones pandemonium in the Gallegos residence today!! The new Indiana Jones movie starts tonight and the boys are soooo thrilled! They are supposed to go see it with Granny this weekend. Mateo came home sick from school today, so hopefully he'll recover and be able to go.

They've been excited about this movie for months! We now have all the old movies, Legos galore (not enough according to the boys) and they really want the Indiana Jones game for the Wii.

They've also started acting out the movies. Mateo let me capture a few photos of him in his Indy garb. I thought he did a great job of coming up with this outfit from clothes found in his closet. He just needs a whip and the look would be complete! (Yeah, there will be no whips in this house with these two boys!!)

Alright Mateo, I mean Indy, go find us some lost treasure!!

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