Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Lora (Forever Young blog). I've never done this before, so here goes...

10 years ago... I was almost 28. I was still a newlywed (had been married for almost 6 months). I had been together with Chico for almost 9 years!! We didn't have any children yet. We were living in Cornelius in our first house. I was working at Intel and Chico had just started his Apprenticeship as an Electrician. Sad to say, I was also about 50 lbs lighter. Yikes!! That's all I have to say about that.

Things on my to do list today... I stayed home today with Mateo. I had a headache and sore throat and Mateo's been sick all day with fever, vomiting, etc... Yuck! If I had been at work today I would have been invoicing customers and doing some random HR duties. Since I stayed at home I should have been doing laundry and picking up around the house, but just didn't feel up to it.

Snacks I enjoy... Ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, snickers, plain hershey's chocolate dipped in Jiff peanutbutter... I could go on and on. I love to snack - refer to first entry regarding weight gain :)

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionare... I'd probably pass out!! I'd pay off my house, car, and any other debts. I'd share with family and friends. I'd travel to many different countries. I'd buy several homes around the world (then I'd have lots of homes to decorate!!) I'd sign Chico and I up for The Amazing Race, since we would be able to afford not to work. (Of course we'd donate the million dollar winnings to charity) :)

3 of my bad habits... 1) not putting things away when I'm done with them 2) not finishing all the projects I start 3) being a procrastinator

5 places I have lived... I've never lived outside of Oregon. In Oregon I've lived in LaGrande, Salem, Hillsboro, Cornelius & Forest Grove (wow, that's actually 5 places!!).

5 jobs that I have had... Safeway Bakery, checker at PayLess, sales/framing at Beard's Frame Shop, Intel - finance dept., R&D Plastics - HR, Payroll Administrator, A/R, etc.. (current job)

5 things people might not know about me... I have a Decaf, Single, Grande, Caramel Sauce Mocha w/ whip almost every day from Starbucks. I'm a tv-aholic. I like to do Sudoku. I still love Barbies. I would like to flip houses for a living.

Well, that wasn't too bad. Thanks Lora! Linda, tag you're it!!

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Forever Young said...

That was great!! Thanks Kandi, sorry you aren't feeling well, I hope you start to feel better.

Do they ever get your order wrong at starbucks? If I worked there everyone would hate me, I would have to ask people to repeat their order repeatedly:)