Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Holiday Craft Bazaar of the season down...

only 5 more to go - yikes! With that said, I just can't seem to get my crafty mojo working today, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to post some photos of Linda's and my first Holiday Bazaar of the season.

This event took place on Tuesday, October 18th at the Sunset Presbyterian Church. This was a fund raiser for Eve's Daughters, a non profit and volunteer run organization for the benefit of single mothers, a very good cause. This was the first time they had put on an event like this and I hope it was a success for them. The vendors were asked to donate a portion of their sales in turn for a spot in the show, which we were glad to do.

The evening went by very quickly as there were only 2 hours of sales, but both Linda and myself did very well in that short amount of time. It was also a nice way to ease into the Bazaar Season as we've signed up for the most shows ever this year. Hopefully we'll survive this, lol.

Here we are at our table. One of the volunteers was nice enough to take our photo.
The only thing that was kind of strange about where they put us was that big display behind us. We felt a little odd about it because it had nothing to do with us. You can't really see in this photo, but there was an easel behind where we were standing which was all about kisses and had photos of people kissing on it. But we were able to make a few jokes during the night, offering up "a kiss with purchase", etc..

Just before the doors opened I took a quick tour of the table with the camera so I could show off our crafty items. Lots of fun stuff.

Here are some of Linda's beautiful flower pins and hair clips. The photo doesn't really do them justice, they're so pretty in person. There are also some fun bookmarks she made as well.

These are a new addition this year. Linda molded these cute little flowers and turned them into rings, earrings and hair pins. I love how they turned out!

Here a some more of Linda's items; some fun little girl hair clips, tissue cozies, magnet sets and mini notebooks.

Here are some of my altered Tic-Tac "Snowman Kisses", Linda's embroidered towel sets and fun fabric wristlet key fobs also made by Linda.

Here are some of my Post-It note stands with matching pens. I made these for the first time last Spring for a show we did and they were quite popular, so I thought I'd see how they did for the holidays.

New this fall are my Cozy Sock Cupcakes. You may have seen them in my previous post. These turned out to be pretty popular and I sold about half of them, so I'm replenishing my stock.

Here are some single magnets made by Linda and some Halloween test tube treats filled with Skittles, put together by me.

More goodies...

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what Linda and I have been up to. We both have more items planned to sell at our upcoming shows, so I will try to take photos of those at future events. Our next show is this Friday, November 4th. It's a private in-home show that a group of ladies put on for their friends to come and shop and they also raise money for a good cause. Should be fun, but I've definitely got lots more to do before then. I see some late nights this week after work.

Thanks for looking!


Sharli said...

AWESOME - looks like you've got Loads of great stuff!!!

Lora said...

I love everything!! You guys are great, I wish I had your stamina :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is amazing! I found your blog through the Bulletin Boards. You have posted some fantastic card ideas which I loved... and used! I thought I'd share a link back to my blog so you can check it out!

Thanks so much for sharing!