Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucky 13!

13 years ago today I married my best friend! I think I show this photo each year at this time, but it's one of my favorites from that day.

I was digging in a photo box trying to find something else I could scan in and I found one of our wedding invitations. This was one that was just printed on copy paper when I was trying to figure out the printing setup. I made these way back then because I must have been too cheap to buy any, lol.

I mixed in a few photos that someone else took besides the photographer. This was trying to get everyone to quit laughing and focus.

Yay, we did it, nice shot.

All of our parents and grandparents in one shot. I love this photo!

Here were a few of the highlights of the evening...

First dance.

Bouquet toss.

Garter retrieval. (Uncle Leroy cracks me up here with his glasses.)

And our last dance. Everyone danced in circles around us as the DJ played "Happy Trails". Great memory.

We've had so many wonderful memories since this day, here's to many many more with the love of my life. Happy Anniversary Chico, I love you!


Sharli said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a delightful post to find this morning - I'm smiling from ear to ear!


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm wearing my bridesmaid dress today in your honor. :)

Sparkle said...

Happy Anniversary!