Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to spend some time in my craft room with my good friend Linda and our new friend Sparkle. Sparkle used to be a Close to My Heart consultant and that's how I originally found her blog. I've been following her blog for a while now and it was fun to get to meet her in person.

Sparkle lives in the Seattle area now, but grew up in Portland. She was down for the weekend because she's taking a Copic Certification class today. Copic's are the type of marker she uses to color her images with. She's a fantastic card maker and her coloring skills are what drew me to visit her blog daily. I want to color like her when I grow up, lol.

Here are the three of us thanks to Mateo the photographer.

* Sorry guys, this is the only photo I didn't have my eyes all the way closed in - good grief!

Well thank you Linda and Sparkle! I hope you both enjoyed our time together and Sparkle, maybe we'll meet again in the future. Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us! :)


Sparkle said...

I had a great time on Saturday! We'll have to plan another craft day together sometime!

paulatracy said...

Hey!!! I know who Sparkle is!!! Don't you love to get together with others who share this hobby/PASSION! lol Don't ya wish we could just go whereever we want, whenever we want and not worry about losing our jobs...LOL Back to the card thing...Yours are AWESOME Kandi! I am glad I have a little free time today to wonder around and see what everyone else is up to. Love, Sundays! Your son did an great job with the photo, the learn so young how to use all this tech. stuff. Have a great day out west! :)