Friday, April 18, 2008

Some random Jaxon stuff

Well, looks like I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping this blog updated. I thought I'd just post a few random photos of Jaxon...
03/18/08: Jaxon at his first t-ball practice. We think he likes it, but he won't give you a straight answer if you ask him.

After t-ball I told Jaxon to put some jammies on and he came upstairs with this outfit. He says he's got a "flipper foot". He got a glove from the doctor's office one day.

The next night when I told Jaxon to put some jammies on for bed, he came up with this... A hat from St. Patty's day and a wig from one of their halloween costumes. That's our wacky boy!!

Jaxon's also really been into his trains lately. He does a great job of building the tracks on his own. I've been trying to take some photos of them every now and then. Here's one of them with the "engineer"..


Linda said...

That crazy kid!!

Forever Young said...

Cute, cute pictures!!!