Friday, March 14, 2008

The Birthdays are finally over!

Well I think we're finally finished with what seemed like a week long birthday celebration for the boys!

Wednesday was Jaxon's 5th birthday and for his evening he choose to go eat and play at Papa's Pizza. There was hardly anyone there, so it was actually a really nice time.

Thursday was Mateo's 8th birthday and for his evening event he choose riding their motorcycles over at Nona & Papa's house. They had a great time riding and we at a chicken dinner there. Granny and Uncle Lee came over to celebrate too!

Saturday was the boys' combined birthday party. This may be the last year I can get away with combining the two. Jaxon will start Kindergarten this fall and should have some more friends of his own next year. I procrastinated and didn't plan anything big this year, so we had a few friends and family members over to the house to help celebrate. The kids had fun playing, eating pizza and building their own ice cream sundaes. I said "Your Welcome" for getting your kids all sugared up before they went home. :) Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us!!

Sundaes for everyone!!

Nona & Papa enjoying the party, "Woooooooo"...

The party gang: Drue, Conner, Abigail, Malia, Alex, Mateo, Jaxon, Anna, MacKenzie & Flynn

Oh, I almost forgot, we went to a Winterhawks game Saturday night too! Shawna, Justin & Drue came over from the coast for the party and to go to the game with us. We had a good time. Mateo & Jaxon got to meet "Tom-A-Hawk" the mascot. We got the tickets thru Chico's Electrical Union, so there was a dinner beforehand and they handed out those loud clappers to use during the game. It got pretty loud!!

A little pre-game fun over at Nona & Papa's house. We were going to let the kids ride the motorcycles for a bit before the game, but it had rained and the ground was a little too swampy, so they played instead.

Mateo & Jaxon with Tom-A-Hawk.


Linda said...

Great pictures!
It looks like you all had quite the birthday week.......if you play your cards right you could add a #3 next year in early March. Hmmmm. Something to think about......right Chico?

Forever Young said...

When you party, you totally party:) I was tired just reading your blog;)

Your boys are so cute, I am glad you had a good time with them.